Welcome to the Beer Belly Bags Crew! And the first place to look to buy the very best cornhole bags, boards and accessories - to level up your game.


Beer Belly Bags was founded in 2013, when Jeremy, a dissatisfied cornhole bag customer, had to wait over a month for his bags to come in the mail. Determined to provide a superior customer service experience coupled with a professional grade product, this epic side hustle started in his garage and persevered through the ups and downs entrepreneurship brings.

Due to the commitment of excellence in product and follow through, word of mouth marketing helped catapult Beer Belly Bags into national tournaments on ESPN. The professional cornhole players quickly gravitated to these consistent, quality bags with eye-catching designs.

When competition jumped on this bandwagon, Beer Belly Bags grew through the realization that even the mainstream player wanted to play with the pro level bag. And this is when Beer Belly Bags felt right at home with these down to earth, beer guzzling, hard core game playing average Joes!

Today, Beer Belly Bags calls Pulaski, Wisconsin home. Now a part of the Village Companies, Beer Belly Bags has expanded operations and bag styles to bring premium, quality cornhole bags and cornhole accessories to any cornhole player – from backyard to pro – no matter where, who, or how they play. All built on the notion of durability, quality, consistency, and the pride that comes in a job well done, making a product that inspires people to play.


Here you'll find the largest selection of duck cloth and microsuede cornhole bags available, with a plethora of colors and styles to choose from. Proudly made int the heart of the Midwest, all of our premium cornhoel bags are filled to an exact 1 lb. weight to provide a consistent feel & perfect throw EVERY. TIME. and made with high-quality plastic resin pellets that won’t break down or mold from weather like corn-filled bags.  Leave that corn for your butter! We carry standard cornhole bags in a variety of styles: weather resistant, dual sided, perfect for the tailgate bags, or stick-n-slick. Don’t forget, we also supply top quality, all-weather cornhole boards and other cornhole accessories. 

Our goal is simple: That you’ll always feel like a pro, no matter your level.


Your Beer Belly Bags Team 


Why Beer Belly Bags?

Regulation approved 6″x 6″ size & 16 oz. weight


Made with rounded corners which sits in your hand better and allows the bag to roll a bit if it hits the ground or board at an angle


Double-stitched for durability with industrial machines for accuracy


Best of all, designed for gameplay right out of the box – easy to throw & no break-in needed!