Bag Care & Maintenance: Including Breaking In Your Bags

Posted by Beer Belly Bags on 3rd Apr 2023

What's the best way to break in my bags?

Beer Belly Bags® prides itself on game ready premium cornhole bags, right out of the box. That means the second you open your package; you’re posed to hit an air mail or throw a perfect blocker. But, in the off chance your bags need a little break-in, we recommend going old school; throw the slick side down for the first 5 to 10 games. Bags can play a little fast until they get broken in and a little dirty.

How can I adjust the speed of my bags?

If the slick side is too fast, it will slow down after it’s a little dirty. If the stick side is too sticky, it will slide more after it’s a little dirty. If the stick side is too fast, you can wash the bags by hand and air dry.

Different board surfaces slide differently. Humidity is also a big factor in how fast or slow the bags will play. If the bag is starting to feel too loose after playing a lot, hand washing and air drying the bags will tighten them up a bit.

Can I wash my cornhole bags?

If your bags are dirty from the season’s never-ending cornhole tournaments in the backyard or on-the-road and they are made with all-weather material, such as the plastic resin pellets like Beer Belly Bags® then you can give your bags a good bath. All it takes is a little bit of soapy water & TLC.

How can I wash my cornhole bags?

Before you take the time to make your bags squeaky clean, carefully inspect them for any tears. Any filling loss might not be worth the bath and you may just need to toss them out and replace with new bags.

Use hot, soapy water to clean your bags. Dish detergent is best. Then, take a soft brush to scrub each bag lightly. Rinse the bags well to remove all of the soap and lay the bags out flat on a soft surface to air dry.