How to Install Cornhole Wraps (and Why)

Posted by Beer Belly Bags on 23rd May 2021

Nothing is a cornhole game changer like a fresh new set of premium bags. Coming in a close second, though, is a sick set of cornhole boards, designed to reflect your personality without compromisin … read more

DIY: How to Build Your Own Cornhole Boards

Posted by Beer Belly Bags on 31st Mar 2021

Summer is right around the corner and nothing says “ultimate backyard” or the chance to hone your cornhole skills for that upcoming regional tournament, like a fresh set of cornhole boards.You can p … read more

The Right Way to Throw a Cornhole Bag

Posted by Beer Belly Bags on 25th Mar 2021

Anyone can toss a bag and hope for the best, right? Well, yes.But not entirely. The art and science of throwing a cornhole bag successfully, is just that – an art and a science, strategy and skill m … read more